We offer introductions to pre-approved, English speaking Asian / Philippine women, and IMPORTANT personal services to unmarried men, ages 26 & over, USA CITIZENS, that seek friendship, and potential marriage. Your membership is FREE! Services include: On-going Consultations/ Advice, Immigrations and Travel Gu > a few in 1 month or less!

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Don’t be swayed by larger sites or firms who’ll say they’ve 1000s of women, quick methods to contact, and alleged victory stories. After a fellow begins with him, he later frequently finds himself left "HIGH & DRY" — maybe not entirely knowing what to dowhen, or where to turn for advice. Speed is NOT your response to a happy life with a native Filipina– but rather, a gradual step-by-step strategy, as we use. We keep in contact with you every step along the way.

Your Director, a military veteran of 25 decades, has expertise in Asia, as 1961, over 57 decades! See our FACEBOOK posts and albums (click link at bottom), over 800 "LIKES". SESA Inc’s Reputation is headquartered in BBB, Google, Facebook, Web.com, Bing/ Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, US/CIS, & Philippine Officials at USA Embassy, Manila. Please examine our GALLERY, SERVICES, AND FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ), pages (click on top horizontal line). Thank you.


Please note: YOU may choose part or all from over 200 ACTIVE pictures in our site GALLERY – – – OR, rather, from OUR ACTIVE Facebook friends, we send for you as "Suggested Friends", OR, we could select them to you, based upon your application preferences. Each listing includes: ladies’ name, age, height, status, Facebook name, phone number(s) & address. CONTACTS can be made WITHIN 24 hours of your receipt. I’ve met several of these Filipinas. Age differences from the ‘s– are OK; and we’ve got women in all age ranges. NOTE: our RATES Are LOW, but subject to change at any time.


You Receive Listings Alone or MAILED TO YOU.

(**) Each profile has been judged as "ABOVE AVERAGE" depending upon woman ‘s appearance, status & other data.

We have over 1,200 present Filipina profiles from all legal russian date age ranges! YOU choose ages you would like.

NOTE– TO CLARIFY– Our organization and site IS NOT, classifed under "MAIL ORDER BRIDES" (MOB) services — This term is Obsolete!

SESA INC’s mission & services far exceed those of recognized USA "Dating Services",, a term we feel misrepresents us. As a membership organization, BOTH men and women involved, want first apply and be approved for membership. (*) We work together with our members, and portions of our services are HUMANITARIAN, in that, thru our counselling and guidelineswe help Philippine LADIES AVOID EXPLOITATION, the odds of which increase when / when a Filipina separately makes contacts online dating russian men with unscreened foreigners — or isn’t aware of precautions to take in her own country, to prevent traps designed to direct her to being chased and possibily sold. For OUR MALE clients, our guidance helps them AVOID the numerous global SCAMS — adds for their safety in travels — and achieve sucessful and lasting outcomes.

We maintain high standards and integrity– have an established success record– and invite your participation. SEE OUR "Contact Us" page to your own message (s) –or USE BOX ON RIGHT SIDE ABOVE.

For advice on our early APRIL 2019 Group Trip to Cebu City, Philippines–see Services page, or Contact us asap. Ask about discounts in your own international flights.

CONTACT US: Anytime! — Feel WELCOME to ask questions concerning offers– or app in general, by email or even a phone call.

Thank you, Hugh B. Jones, Director, SESA Inc..